Zachary Manheim

Compliance Officer

  • Assists in conducting fund performance reviews
  • Assists in daily benchmarking and management of investments
  • Assists in convening investment management committee that selects the funds
  • Assists in implementing investment management committee decisions
  • Assists with fund selection process
  • Assists in helping conduct manager searches

Zachary currently serves as an Investment Associate at Focused Wealth Management, where he assists the firm in conducting research and analysis regarding investment strategies. He also aids in the compliance department by generating and maintaining historical records.

Zachary graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. He is a member of the International Economics Honor Society and served as Treasurer of the Economics Club during his time at Stony Brook.

A lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley, Zachary is excited to join the Focused Wealth Management team after attending school in Long Island, NY. He is active in his community as a volunteer with Pine Bush Athletics.