Focused Wealth Management believes that planning for the pursuit of financial success includes applying core investment principles: portfolio diversification, risk management and disciplined long-term investing. Our fundamental investment theory is: Risk + Time = Potential Reward. Therefore, we carefully consider a combination of both the client’s tolerance for risk and the amount of time available to invest the portfolio. Focused Wealth Management utilizes a clearly defined philosophy which provides a disciplined investment strategy. We feel when determining an asset allocation, the last ten years of market data history is reviewed with the mindset that the last decade is more relevant to the anticipated decade, as opposed to using the entire history of the market. Furthermore, we rebalance our strategies according to current market conditions, but never steer away from our original foundation that accounts for the combination of risk and time.


Focused Wealth Management does not manage or sell proprietary investment products. FWM designs and manages all client portfolios. Two critical elements in our investment process are portfolio construction and risk management. While these are paramount in our investment decision process, we also take cost and tax efficiency into consideration. Our custodial and trading relationships give us access to a variety of investment products across different asset classes. This allows us to follow a completely independent approach to the selection and monitoring of client portfolios. This access demands a strict and deliberate process be adhered to in the investment product selection process. The Investment Product and Investment Manager Selection is conducted quarterly by the Focused Wealth Management. The Investment Selection and Monitoring Committee is a team comprised of qualified and experienced investment professionals.

Focused Wealth Management Investment Process