Professional Asset Management Services

Focused Wealth Management, Registered Investment Advisor, offers fee-based asset management services including:

  • Professionally managed, customized, goals-based investment portfolios
  • Retirement Plans – Pension Funds, Defined Benefit, 401(k)’s 403(b)’s and 457 plans
  • In-depth account analysis
  • Comprehensive annual review meetings
  • Progress meetings (upon request)
  • Comprehensive quarterly portfolio review
  • Frequent phone and email communication
  • Next Phase Income Distribution planning
  • Financial planning
  • Collaboration with CPA
  • Collaboration with attorney
  • Family/inter-generational meetings
  • Online access
  • Tiered management fee schedule
  • Access to Focused Wealth Management’s strategic partners
  • Business planning
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Client service with team of advisors
  • Research reports
  • Comprehensive financial product offerings
  • Direct Platinum Client hotline
  • Daily market commentary (upon request)

Financial Planning Services

Focused Wealth Management can help identify your specific goals and develop strategies to help you to achieve those goals in the following areas:

  • Individual Financial Planning
    • Retirement Education
    • Wealth Accumulation
    • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
    • Asset Protection
    • Wealth Transfer
    • Family Foundations

Investment Advice

At Focused Wealth Management we adhere to the Fiduciary Standard as a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) operating in the best interests of our clients. We offer advice with the sole intention of helping clients reach their financial goals.