2 Question Tuesday – 11/14/2023 – How Is Focused Wealth Management Mitigating Cyber Attacks & What Should We Expect If A Government Shutdown Happens?

Welcome to 2 Question Tuesday. This week’s client submitted questions were:

  1. How is Focused Wealth Management Mitigating Cyber Attacks?
  2. What Should We Expect if A Government Shutdown Happens?

Phil, Mike, and Larry discuss how Congress needs to come up with a budget deal by Nov. 17, what are the implications if a deal can’t be struck, and what happens if we experience a real government shutdown? Then Focused Wealth Management’s Compliance Officer, Zachary Manheim, talks about attending one of the world’s largest compliance conferences at the same time China’s largest bank suffered a cyberattack. Zac then describes everything Focused Wealth is doing to mitigate cyberattacks and safeguard client’s information.

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