2 Question Tuesday – 06/06/2023 – Where Is The Market Going Post-Debt Ceiling & Is Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status At Risk?

Welcome to 2 Question Tuesday. This week’s client submitted questions were:

  1. After the debt-ceiling deal, where is the market going?
  2. Is the dollar’s status as reserve currency at risk?

Phil, Mike, and Larry discuss what President Biden’s ending of the debt-ceiling crisis and Friday’s huge jobs report means for the market. They then address a Bloomberg article that says, around the world a backlash is brewing against the hegemony of the U.S. dollar. Bloomberg said many global leaders feel the dollar is being weaponized, in an effort to push America’s foreign-policy priorities — and punish those that oppose them — best seen in the financial pain the U.S. brought to Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

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