2 Question Tuesday – 04/09/2024 – Rate Cuts? No Rate Cuts? What’s Going On At The Fed? & Why Is Gold Surging In Price?

Welcome to 2 Question Tuesday. This week’s client submitted questions were:

  1. Rate cuts? No rate cuts? What’s going on at the Fed?
  2. Why is gold surging in price?

Phil, Mike, and Larry discuss the mixed signals the Fed is giving off. One Fed Bank president says we’re close to seeing rates cut. Another says there will be no rate cuts. And a third suggests we will see another rate hike. What is in the water there? Since the market expects rate cuts before the end of the year, what should we expect if the market believes there will be no rate cuts this year? The price of gold just hit another record on Monday, surging to $2,372. Gold typically rises when interest rates fall. In light of what the Fed presidents said, why is gold surging?

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