2 Question Tuesday – 03/19/2024 – Has The Federal Reserve Lost Its Mojo And Is the Market Looking Past The Fed & What Did You Do Is This Past Weekend And Why Is It So Important To The Firm?

Welcome to 2 Question Tuesday. This week’s client submitted questions were:

  1. Has the Federal Reserve lost its Mojo and is the market looking past the Fed?
  2. What did you do is this past weekend and why is it so important to the firm?

Phil, Mike, and Larry discuss last week’s reports, such as the producer price index, which rose the most in six months, and other data show that inflation remains elevated. They then talk about the interest rate cuts that seemed inevitable a few months back, which now appear to be delayed until mid-summer. After that, Charles Yarnold, Managing Director of Retirement Plan Services at Focused Wealth Management, talks about what he did this past weekend and why is it so important to him and the firm.

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