Political Commentary

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Jesse Frehling | Political Commentary 10-17-2016


The polls show Hillary Clinton will win the White House and Republicans will likely maintain control of Congress. A Democratic President coupled with a Republican Congress is the best combination for markets historically, with annual inflation-adjusted returns for the Dow…

How “Brexit” May Impact Markets

Jesse Frehling | Political Commentary 06-22-2016


Fulfilling a campaign promise made by Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron in 2013, Britain held a referendum on June 23 in which its citizens voted to leave the European Union. The political and economic consequences of a British exit, or…

Election 2016: Gearing Up for Iowa and Beyond

Jesse Frehling | Political Commentary 02-01-2016


With the Iowa Caucuses officially kicking off the 2016 presidential election season on February 1, state primary polls are an increasingly important indicator of how things will shake out. Donald Trump’s utter domination of the polls has not abated, and…

If Passed, Budget Deal Would Avoid Sequester and Boost Defense

Jesse Frehling | Political Commentary 11-23-2015


Perhaps the most significant domestic political development of late was the federal budget deal between Congress and President Obama. The deal, which was struck in late October and must be finalized by December 11 to avoid a government shutdown, will…