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***PRESS RELEASE*** Philip J. DeAngelo Named to Top NextGen Advisor List

PHILIP J. DEANGELO | FWM in the News 02-18-2015


Top 50 NextGen Independent Broker/Dealer Advisors Philip J. DeAngelo Named to Top NextGen Advisor List Focused Wealth Management’s DeAngelo ranked 19th nationally HIGHLAND, N.Y. – Feb. 6, 2015 – Focused Wealth Management has announced that Philip J. DeAngelo, owner and managing director,…

How “Brexit” Could Impact Markets

Jesse Frehling | Monthly Political Commentary 06-22-2016


“Britain may be on the verge of refashioning the world map. If that happens, the vote will set off proceedings so complex that the only guaranteed winners are the lawyers. All plans will be subject to change.” – The New…

The Fed’s new normal

Michael Passante | Daily Market Commentary 06-21-2016

Michael Passante

Markets around the globe rallied on Monday as the latest opinion polls on Brexit showed a significant reduction in support for Britain leaving the European Union. The gains internationally were substantial with Japan’s Nikkei jumping 2.34%, and European stocks all…

Is your advisor a Fiduciary?

Michael Passante | FWM’s Wealth Management Series 05-14-2015

Michael Passante

In the investment world, there are two distinct types of parties who provide advice about investments and financial planning to both individual and institutional clients. These are known throughout the industry as investment advisors, who are required to act as…